Roll it, Live it, Share it - The Earth Cube

Saturday, May 16, 2020 to Sunday, May 24, 2020

Join the Archdiocese of Indianapolis to roll The Earth Cube (online at or print out your own) each day during Laudato Si' Week. Receive your daily task, then find a simple way to live one of the phrases (example: "Everything is a Gift!"). Share your side and experience of living with your circle of friends! #LaudatoSi5, #TheEarthCube, or make a simple yard sign with sticks.

The Earth Cube is a motivational tool for supporting a healthy and sustainable planet.

Its objective is to bring about a personal and collective attitude transformation. It encourages a relationship-centered action-oriented response to the needs of the environment.

  • We’re All Connected
  • Discover Amazing Things
  • Everything is a Gift
  • Only What is Needed
  • Smile on the World
  • Now is the Time

For printouts and images visit